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about us

CHW is a female-owned and operated small business firm. Established in 2003, CHW Solutions, Inc. maintains its headquarters in Washington, DC, along with a satellite office in Largo, Maryland. CHW is certified by the District of Columbia as a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), by the Prince George’s Government as an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), and by the state of Maryland as a MBE/DBE under the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT).  Our firm specializes in a broad range of compliance monitoring for governments and businesses of all sizes and services, and brings more than 40 years of experience to each client partnership. Reach out to our team today to discuss your unique needs, and together, we will begin exploring your choices.

about usOur company invites you to consider compliance monitoring for your business, especially as it relates to the construction industry. Whether your operation is public or private, we guarantee that you will find the knowledge our team can provide about local and federal regulations useful. We specialize in working with businesses in the building and construction industry. Just a few of the policies and guidelines our specialists are ready to help you understand and utilize include:

  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring (such as Davis-Bacon/Prevailing Wage, Certified Business Participation and other related requirements)
  • First Source Agreements (Priority Hiring of Local Residents)
  • Certified Business Participation (Local, Small, Minority, Disadvantaged Businesses), and
  • Contract Compliance

CHW’s other major service is Lawn/Landscaping and Snow removal.  In 2009, CHW established the Lawn and Landscape Division. Our clients are both residential and commercial.   Some of the essential services we provide include:

  • Restoration Work
  • Erosion Control
  • Plant Establishment & Maintenance
  • Ground Covering Habitat Rehabilitation
  • Tree Removal
  • Construction Site Prepping
  • Grading

Our company has an elite group of design and installation specialists and you can depend on our skilled team for all of your landscaping needs. In addition, CHW provides Snow Removal Services during the off season.

Contact us today to learn more about our compliance monitoring specialists and their backgrounds in training and management. We work with businesses throughout Washington, DC.