Clients Choose Us for Compliance Monitoring

Compliance MonitoringUnderstanding regulations and policies can be challenging for even the most seasoned professionals. Many regulations put forth by local, state and federal governments are subject to change, and, without the help of a specialist, can be difficult with which to comply. In cases like this, ignorance of the rules and regulations is no defense. This is especially relevant to Davis/Bacon and Prevailing Wage projects where misclassification and underpayment of construction workers would result in serious violations of federal, state and local laws. It could also result in a large financial liability.  CHW has provided Compliance Monitoring Tracking and Reporting services for Multi-Million Dollar Projects.  Our team steps in to help your operation remain compliant with any provisions set forth for your area and your sector.

In addition, we will ensure that you meet your requirements for engaging certified businesses and employing local residents (where applicable) in your projects and make sure you are regularly kept informed of your progress in meeting the goals mandated by these requirements. CHW’s tracking and reporting provides you with the necessary information to ensure that you meet these goals and requirements.

Learn why many local businesses and government agencies turn to our team for reliable compliance monitoring, tracking and reporting, as well as compliance training, and other essential services today. Some of our clients have included:

  • DC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Econ Development
  • Prince Georges County Government
  • Mill Creek Residential Trust
  • Waterfront Associates LLC
  • Forest City, Washington, DC
  • Earthtech, Alexandria, VA
  • Capitol Management Services, Inc.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help you optimize your business through the use of relevant local policies, regulations, and other guidelines that could be advantageous in your sector.

Contact us today to learn why you should choose our compliance monitoring company for your business’s optimal efficiency.