Expert Compliance Monitoring Team

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Put your faith in compliance monitoring specialists that care about your business/agency and your success. CHW Solutions, Inc. helps you and your team navigate potentially complex and ever-changing government regulations relevant to your operations at the local, state and federal levels. Understanding your business and its staff and/or crew’s compliance responsibility when it comes to program operations has never been easier – reach out today to learn how our team can assist you.

No matter the size of your project, our team is ready to rise to the challenge. Many local businesses across a variety of sectors depend on our compliance specialists for the information they need to operate successfully. Our team brings more than 40 years of industry experience to each project on which we work, making us the go-to compliance monitoring team in the area.

CHW’s monitoring team is led by Mary Hammond and Bettie Crawl both of whom have performed at management and executive leadership levels alongside state and local governments.  Therefore, we are proud to offer unparalleled guidance for businesses interested in project and program compliance, with an emphasis on the Davis Bacon and Its Related Acts, Prevailing Wage requirements, MBE/DBE & other certified business participation.


Our Landscape Design Team is Ready to Help

hedge trimmingAre you looking for experienced landscape design specialists that care about your property? Our team may be the solution to your outdoor troubles. Building a beautiful, but safe commercial premises can be a challenge for even the most seasoned property owners/developers. You may not know where to begin when it comes to choosing shrubs, trees, paving and water features for your property. Let our landscapers help you make a smart decision for your business’s appearance.

Consult our Lawn and Landscape Division to learn how our company can further assist you in enhancing your green space. As business owners ourselves, we understand the impact your building’s appearance can have on first-time visitors and employees. Sit down with our team to discuss your landscape design concerns and browse your options for shrubs, trees, and maintenance.  It should also be noted that CHW provides Snow Removal Services on an as needed basis during the off seasons (usually December-March). CHW’s Lawn and Landscape Team is led by Craig E. Hammond.   Mr. Hammond serves as the President of the Lawn and Landscape Division and has worked in the area of lawn and landscape for over 8 years.  He is more than ready to respond to all of your needs.

Whether you are in need of Compliance Monitoring, Lawn and Landscaping, or Snow Removal, CHW is poised to resolve all of your concerns.  Call Us Today!!